We're excited to announce our brand partnership with Imrozia Sarene! At RangReza store in Edison, New Jersey, and on our online store, you can now explore the latest collections from Imrozia Sarene.

      Imrozia Sarene is a premium clothing brand by Awais Fancy Embroidery, with over a decade of experience in the textile industry. They are known for their timeless elegance and commitment to traditional trends, catering to the needs of eastern women. Imrozia Sarene has won the hearts of its audience and has expanded to include sub-brands like Imrozia Premium and Majestic.

      Awais Fancy Embroidery specializes in classic silhouettes adorned with lush embroidery, thread-work, stitch-work, and sequined details, all on rich and sophisticated color palettes. Each design reflects exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous embellishments, resulting in flawless attire with an overall aesthetic appeal.

      Imrozia Serene brand draw inspiration from our rich heritage and culture, blending it with contemporary fashion trends. Imrozia's core values include quality, design, innovation, and affordability. We hope you'll enjoy wearing Imrozia's designs